Developer challenge: For an urban condominium project, the challenge was to create three distinct "lifestyle scenarios" from three identical model units, each with a 500 square foot floorplan.

Staging solution: By alternating style, color, and furniture layout, buyers were able to see how a little creativity could turn a "basic box" into a home. The three staged units sold faster than the unstaged units within the same condo complex.

Seller challenge: Space planning was key in this 700 square foot condo to put its best food forward. An awkward layout, popcorn ceilings, and visible earthquake retrofit structural modifications made all seemed smaller and uninviting.

Staging solution: Appropriately scaled living and dining room furniture was key to presenting this as a gracious "small quarters" lifestyle offering. Creative use of color and accessories diminished the visual presence of the popcorn ceiling and retrofit structure.

Seller challenge: Warming-up an austere modern environment was critical to attracting a wider buyer base—something both the seller and the agent knew needed to happen for a successful sale.

Staging solution: Furniture and accessories softened (and defined) living spaces and brought more overall warmth and texture to the home. One-of-a-kind staging elements such as a surgical steel gurney coffee table, kept the modern edge on focus.

Seller challenge: With every wall in the house painted a different color, the look was more hodge-podge than creative. Overall, the home read as "tired", but the owners were not able to commit to a total overhaul before putting the house on the market.

Staging solution: Intentionally bold color choices in the furniture and accessories helped transform the wall colors into an asset—not a distraction. The house sold in one weekend with multiple offers.

Seller challenge: Urban loft space needed definition if potential buyers were to see how to live, sleep and entertain in one open space.

Staging solution: Furniture was spaced to create a sense of natural division without blocking the single source of natural light. Emphasis was placed on keeping the hip, downtown aesthetic critial to attracting the identified buyer segment.

Developer challenge: Green built construction was a plus, but unique floor plans narrowed the buyer profile because of the ladder-stair systems and bold color choices. The contemporary urban space was designed for a youthful buyer audience.

Staging solution: Sophisticated staging was targeted specifically for a very narrow buyer demographic by using an eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage-green accessories. All was designed to emphasize the wisdom of buying into a gentrifying neighborhood.

Seller challenge: To create an appealing living space within an unremarkable architectural condo "box". Unfortunately, several identical units within the building were also for sale. Little storage (and the need for a quick sale) were two additional challenges.

Staging solution: Creative use of furniture created the illusion of more livable space (as well as more storage space) within the 700 square foot footprint. Unit sold within a month with seller recouping all her investment.

Seller challenge: Six weeks on-market and still no takers for a Spanish Mediterranean home with an early 1990 modern addition. This "split architectural personality" (plus the fact the home was totally empty) kept buyers from seeing the possibilities.

Staging solution: Contemporary furnishings placed in the Mediterranean half of the home and vintage into the modern half helped bridge the stylistic gap—as did the addition of harmonious color throughout. The result: multiple offers in several weeks.

Seller challenge: A modern structure with white walls, concrete floors, and steel seemed cold, unfriendly, and stark. The task was to broaden the potential buyer base by bringing warmth that worked with—not against—the bold architectural aesthetic.

Staging solution: Bold and contemporary furnishings and color brought much needed warmth and texture to the home's overall buyer appeal.

Seller challenge: This Victorian had lots of charm, but a duplex in a higher price range can be difficult to sell. rather than stage the duplex strictly as an owner/plus rental property, it needed to be seen as potential space for extended family or nanny.

Staging solution: The "owner's floor" was presented as a formal, elegent space—which the apartment/rental was more casual and more in keeping with a younger resident.

Prior to engaging Rosichelli Design, our properties would take 38 percent longer to sell and would sell for less money. Undoubtedly, their energized staging broadens a seller's prospective buyer market.

Marco Lizardi, Windermere Real Estate

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